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Individual & Couples Therapy, Self-Care & Provider Groups, Marriage Support Groups


to Strength Redefyned, where your needs are the priority. There's strength in vulnerability and giving yourself grace.

I am passionate about serving black women leaders, military individuals (& couples), fellow providers, and other high achieving professional black women. Often times, driven and highly motivated black professional women experience depression, anxiety, & high levels of stress that can present as feeling anxious, over-tired, nervous, difficulty concentrating, low motivation, challenges with sleep, as well as other commonly overlooked symptoms. 


The demands of your career and personal life can create fatigue, whether physical and/or emotional.


I am here to serve you

As a successful Black professional woman serving as a therapist, mental health coach, author, speaker/trainer, and consultant, I understand the challenges that come with being the one who is typically leading and helping others. I am a Therapist offering individual counseling, mental wellness coaching, marriage and couples counseling, and group work (self-care groups and marriage/couple support groups) to clients in:


  ~ Delaware

  ~ Pennsylvania

  ~ North Carolina 

  ~ Florida

Note: Mental health & Wellness coaching is offered to clients in all states.

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There's strength in intentional vulnerability. Let’s defy the belief that strength is not found in openness, and improve your quality of life through a journey of self-care and stress management!

 Monique Williams, LCSW

Education & Background



I am a Therapist/ Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I have been a licensed mental health professional since 2009 and a helping professional since 2006.


Primary experience:

~ Counseling/Clinical Social Work (US + UK)

~ Traditional Outpatient Therapy

~ Counseling the Military population

~ Behavior Specialist Consultation

~ Program Coordination

~ Management

Specialized Skills & Training:

~ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

~ Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

~ Clinical Supervision 

~ Prepare-Enrich (Couples) 

2007 - 2009

University of Pennsylvania

Master's Degree:

Clinical Social Work

2001 - 2006

North Carolina Central University

Bachelor's Degrees:

B.A. -Psychology

Bachelor of Social Work

My goal as a professional:

My goal is to use my skills, training, and experience to provide a safe space for you to be heard and receive support during your stressful times. With me, you don’t need to have it all together, I am here for you. With an emphasis on providing a unique experience of a space that will be yours and prioritize you, I look forward to meeting you!

Professional Black Woman (8).jpg
My Approach
Education & Background

As a successful Black professional, I understand the challenges that come with being the one who is typically leading and helping others. I am passionate about working with Black professional women to identify and define their strengths and goals, as well as to “redefyne” the narrative of strength.


"I spent roughly 4 months doing counselling with Monique on issues such as anxiety, relationship issues and self esteem.

As someone who was new to counselling, I was very nervous about it. Monique always made me feel comfortable and was very understanding when I was talking about the issues I was facing. She helped me set goals and work towards them in a very supportive and constructive way, with great feedback and at a pace I was comfortable with. She is flexible and responsive. Very grateful to have had her support through a challenging time in my life.

J. Breen (February 2021)"



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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is an opportunity to explore where you are, how you arrived there and how you can get to where you want to be.

Professional Black Woman (6).jpg
Individual Counseling

It takes strength to give yourself permission to struggle at times. It takes courage and wisdom to operate in the strength of vulnerability.

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Strength Redefyned Growthbook Series

The series focuses on affirmations, coping skills, mindfulness, and overall mental wellness

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