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Grow, reflect, learn, practice new skills, and prioritize self-care.

What is a growthbook journal?

The growthbook journal is both a workbook and a journal that is focused on overall growth. It's an opportunity to reflect, grow, learn and practice new skills, and prioritize self-care in a different way.

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Book highlights:

Grab your pen, pencil, or favorite marker, and write in this growth book and journal when it’s convenient for you. This workbook features:

  • A way for you to dig deep with emotional support, guidance, and encouragement with 45+ affirmations.

  • You’ll learn ten (10) effective and practical skills you can use at work, with friends, and in your personal life.

  • Practice and master the art of self-validation.

  • Examine your own thoughts through reflection and introspection.

  • Define your strengths. Write them down as a reminder of how powerful you really are.

  • The curated spaces throughout this journal are yours to be transparent and vulnerable.

  • 80+ pages give you plenty of space to grow and learn about yourself. When you need a reminder, open the workbook and review how awesome you are.

Benefits of journaling with the added benefit of a workbook approach:


  • Develops problem-solving skills

  • Nurtures creativity 

  • Improves writing & communication 

  • Allows for safe emotional expression 

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Meet the author

I am a mental health therapist, a woman, wife, mom, and more. But most importantly I'm someone who understands the stress and the pressure that comes with being a Sun-kissed woman and the expectations placed on us to focus on caring for everyone else before we care for ourselves.

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